Sunday, August 21, 2005

Whats wrong with the Padres

Why aren't we scoring any runs? In spite of running Pedro Astacio and Chan Ho Park out there every 5 days, we could be winning if we could just score some runs. The easy thing to do would be to blame the Manager, Bruce Bochy. The thing is, he has to work with the players he is given. Its the general manager's job to provide him with enough talent to give him a chance to win. Has he done that? I dont think so. Take a look at our roster:

roster composition:

Robert Fick: 31yo, 4th team, career .264 hitter, currently .313
Miguel Olivo: 27ya, 3rd team, career .222 hitter, currently .183
David Ross: 28yo, 3rd team, career .217 hitter, currently .227

Damian Jackson: 32yo, 6th team, career .246 hitter, currently .268
Mark Loretta: 34 yo, 3rd team, career .302 hitter, currently .287
Joe Randa: 36 yo, 6th team, career .285 hitter, currently .277
Mark Sweeney: 36 yo, 5th team, career .265 hitter, currently .327
Wilson Valdez: 27 yo, 3rd team, career .205 hitter, currently .195
Eric Young: 38 yo, 8th team, career .285 hitter, currently .271
Brian Giles: 34 yo, 3rd team, career .298 hitter, currently .286
Ryan Klesko: 34 yo, 2nd team, career .281 hitter, currently .254
Xavier Nady, 27 yo, 1st team, career .264 hitter, currently .261
Dave Roberts: 33 yo, 4th team, career .260 hitter, currently .262
Overall we are hitting just .258/.332/.396/.728 scored 509 runs

compared to dbacks .261/.335/.427/.762 538 runs
dogers .257/.327/.403/.730 520 runs

That doesnt look SOOOO awful, but look since the all star break:

Padres: .247/.313/.362/.674 with 103 runs
dbacks: .271/.352/.448/.800 with 144 runs
dgers : .245/.314/.385/.699 with 136 runs


Those are pretty scary numbers. consider the number of players that are forced to play regular that havent been regular players in 3 or 4 years. We are having to play bench players as everyday players and keep people on our bench that shouldnt even be on the club.

We missed our chance to acquire a quality bat at the trade deadline. Towers would have us believe that there weren't any bats available, but that isn't true. What he means is: There weren't any quality bats that we could afford given our current budget. We could not afford to take on any additional salary. Heck, why do you think people are being traded at the deadline in the first place? It is to allow the non-contending teams to dump some salary to attempt to retool for next year. As long as we cant take on salary, we will NEVER make a significant deadline trade.

So, the question is: "What, if anything, can be done to improve the offense without spending much additional money?"

I say, get rid of Valdez, Ross and Hensley then Bring up Barfield, Johnson and McAnulty.

After that put the lineup on the field that might have a chance to score runs:


Roberts/Young platoon in center
Loretta ss
Giles rf
Nady/Klesko platoon at 1b
Randa 3b
Barfield 2b
McAnulty/Johnson platoon in left
Olivo/Fick platoon at catcher

return Jackson and Sweeney to the bench

We cannot continue to carry 12 pitchers and not score runs. Its time to make some moves. We cannot keep waiting for our hitters to pull out of their slumps. We need the kids to come up and inject some life into our team.



Blogger Geoff said...

Some interesting ideas there, Hank. I'm not sure about sending Hensley back to Portland. He's been pretty lights out since coming up, and in pressure situations no less.

5:52 PM  
Blogger hank said...

yeah thats a hard point with me but you need to send out one of the pitchers... which one? Hoffy, Aki, Scott, Hammond, Peavy, Williams, Lawrence, Park, Astacio,

Thats keep two of the following 3...quantril, seanez, hensley(who has options)

8:24 PM  

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